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The President and the World Lithuanian Community discussed the education of Lithuanians abroad

President Gitanas Nausėda held a conference call with members of the board of the World Lithuanian Community and the World Lithuanian Youth Association. During the conversation diaspora’s topical issues were discussed as countries struggle to deal with the consequences of the crisis caused by the pandemic. Representatives of the diaspora from all over the world, including Europe, Americas and Australia joined the conversation.

The President expressed gratitude to Lithuanians living abroad for their active contribution in fighting the coronavirus in different countries, for their support to Lithuania and their engagement in organizing the return of the Lithuanian citizens to their homeland. “When the coronavirus crisis broke out, Lithuanians in over forty countries of the world helped each other repatriate, some by making travel arrangements and providing translation services while others, by accommodating Lithuanians who got stuck in their homes in the third countries. That is an outstanding example of unity of the world Lithuanians. When faced with problems, we remember that we are the children of one Lithuania, who have scattered all over the world, but remain unbreakable in our spirit and determination,” the President said.

The President emphasized the importance of education of Lithuanians abroad and Lithuania's support to ensure smooth education process in difficult times. The President was interested in the work of the Lithuanian schools abroad during the lockdown and welcomed the distance learning conditions in Lithuanian schools for the Lithuanian schoolchildren living abroad and the possibility to use open distance learning platforms in Lithuanian during quarantine.

The President and representatives of the World Lithuanian Community discussed the statistics of migrants returning to Lithuania and their integration issues focusing on education of children of returning migrants as well as adult employment possibilities in Lithuania during the crisis.

During the conversation, the aim to ensure smooth organization of the parliamentary election to be held in October this year was discussed as well as diaspora’s participation in the election. The President reminded that in 2019 the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania approved a single-member constituency for the world Lithuanians and this will be the first time in history the election is held on this basis. The President highlighted that active participation of the diaspora in the parliamentary election was necessary to show the need and importance of this special constituency.

The President encouraged members of the World Lithuanian Community to take an active part in the social life of Lithuania and contribute to building welfare of our state. Contribution of the diaspora is highly important at this difficult time to ensure a smooth recovery from the crisis caused by the pandemic.

The board of the World Lithuanian Community headed by its Chair Dalia Henke and World Lithuanian Youth Association led by Vladas Oleinikovas took part in the conference call with the President.

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Baltic COVID-19 update: 1,344, cases in Lithuania, 836 in Latvia, 1,660 in Estonia

VILNIUS - A total of 3,840 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the three Baltic countries by Tuesday noon, with 44 COVID-19 fatalities registered in Lithuania, 50 in Estonia and 13 in Latvia, according to figures compiled by the Baltic News Service from official sources. 

The latest COVID-19 statistics are as follows:

Lithuania: 1,344 cases confirmed; 111,809 tests performed; 44 deaths.

Latvia: 836 cases confirmed; 51,561 tests performed; 13 deaths.

Estonia: 1,660 cases confirmed; 49,527 tests performed; 50 deaths.

The Lithuanian Health Ministry says that the country's total count of COVID-19 cases has been reduced by more than 100 to exclude people who repeatedly tested positive for the coronavirus.

The maximum transit time at BIA is not more than 12 hours for a confirmed onward connection

irlines are hereby informed that the maximum permitted transit time at BIA for any passenger transiting via BIA should strictly be not more than 12 hours. The concerned passenger must strictly have a confirmed onward connection out of BIA to an onward destination.

The Government of Sri Lanka invites all airlines to service Sri Lanka Airports BIA, MRIA, JIA, and RMA upon lifting of the restrictions.

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