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This year isn't suitable for travel, Lithuania's chief epidemiologist warns

VILNIUS - Travelers may have to self-isolate on return to Lithuania even if they travel to a country that is not on the coronavirus "blacklist", Lithuania's chief epidemiologist warned on Monday. 

"Obviously, this year isn't suitable for travel. We've already had cases where people (...) were unhappy that they had to go into isolation on return (to Lithuania)," Loreta Asokliene told a news conference. 

"It’s better to visit the beautiful places of Lithuania this year," she added.

As of Monday, Lithuanians are required to self-isolate for two weeks on return from Croatia. Isolation is optional, but recommended for travelers from Iceland and Spain. 

The Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland are also among the countries that may be added to the regularly updated list of coronavirus-affected countries, the chief epidemiologist said. 

The mandatory 14-day isolation requirement currently applies to Luxembourg, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria and Romania, too.

As of Monday, the requirement has been lifted for Lithuanians returning from Ukraine 

Authorities are considering following the lead of Latvia and introducing questionnaires for arrivals in all three Baltic countries, Asokliene said.  

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